Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rawr Goes The Tortoise

We added some new seed to the tortoise house outside. It was growing beautifully earlier this summer, then we ended up staying with my parents for a month so all the lovely seedlings died. Awww.

Tortoise house, you say? What on Earth is that?

Koopa's "House"

That is our tortoise enclosure, or as we call it around here, Koopa's House. Koopa is our young Hermann's Tortoise.

Turtle on the Roof 2

He was a teeny tiny baby when we got him, and is about the size of my palm now. Hermann's aren't one of those tortoises that get really big and eat you out of house and home, no worries. He'll max out at a little less than a foot long.

In fact, he is probably the lowest maintenance of any of our animals. He just needs water and chopped up dandelion greens to be happy. Oh, and the sun. Which is why he stays outside unless the weather is incredibly, horribly bad, or we go on a trip. Then he gets to hang out in the far less glamorous fish tank with an overhead lamp. He hates that.

I love turtles. They remind me of dinosaurs. I always wanted a pet dinosaur. Rawr, Koopa, rawr!

Turtle on the Roof


Jane said...

i love your tortoise he is very cute and adorable. I have two herman tortoises and i am currently extending and redesigning there original home. it was 2m by 1 meter but is now going to be two by three meters. They are 2 and 4 and I love them!